Wednesday, April 20, 2011

K ~
2:22 A.M. & I decided TO TELL IT ALL, SISTER, I'M GONNA TELL IT ALL. (you know my schedule so you can imagine where I am in INNER SPACE rite now)

Listening to El Nixo & PG get down, also

  • Depositions: In an uncontested divorce case, you generally will not need to appear in court to testify. You need only to come to your attorney's office at the pre-set time to give a deposition (testimony under oath that is give to the judge in written form). You must bring one witness with you who can verify the essential aspects of your case. Note: the witness must be able to testify to all of the matters set out in your Complaint, so make sure you read that document and begin thinking about who your witness will be a bit ahead of time. The witness should be somebody who knows you well (and has know you for a reasonably long period of time). Hopefully the witness will also know your spouse. A relative of you or your spouse is fine, and sometimes preferable, since a relative generally knows the living arrangements of the parties fairly well.
I think the reason you don't remember our date in the Summer of '68 is because I GOT YOU DRUNK! I got kinda alkey that last summer in Dothan. I'd had fights with the niggers @ Barrantine's & The Green Front Store @ 5 points. Hired any of 'em who could read (always brought a bill of lading for THE EXAM) since I'd gotten my driver's license in May of '66.

& NOW our theme song...



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