Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Re: FLOWER POWER Is Now A Blog! Thank You Capn!

Naw, man. That wuz Ginsberg saying ya'll fought in Korea.Read the entire Ginsberg interview at
In '65, I was 15 years old going into my sophomore year at Dothan High.
I did get to see Rubin wearing a tie-dye T shirt and waving a Yippie flag with a marijuana leaf in the middle. He spoke at a BE-IN at Foster Auditorium in May of '70. I think Kent State happened the next day. He was a hoot. Smoked reefer on stage. Told all of us to drop out of the university. He said Wallace would definitely win the governor's race because Rubin had been able to speak at Bama.
He was right.
Foster Auditorium is where Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door in '63.
I'm glad you like the blog. Your email is gonna be the next post.
your favorite bare-footed rebel son of a bitch

capn skyp <> wrote:
Hey Robert, nice flowerpower blogsite. Kesey wasn't in the korean war, nor no war, nor no army neither for he was 4-F as a result of wrestling wound: he had a shoulder that would pop out all the time for no real good reason but then he had to pop it back in again, I popped that sucker in a few times myself.the 1965 peace march that Jerry Rubin, Snyder, myself, and others participated inYou was there? Have I sent you the CD, Hogs are Coming?, which is all
about that scene?kb
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